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Kerala is very rich in its Folk song traditions and has many varying folk songs as there are variances in Climate,Land, People and their Occupations.The Nadanpattu or Kerala Folk songs narrates unrecored takes of land and people.The toiling group of boatmen,peasants and farmers forgets the monotony of their humdrum life by humming these melodious songs.Here you can download famous Nadanpattukal Sung by various artists such as Kalabhavan Mani...etc
Nadanpattukal Mp3 Free Download
Ottakkalanane Njan.mp3
Duration: 00:02:41 [6.84 MB]
Varannu Paranjittu.mp3
Duration: 00:05:31 [13.34 MB]
Puttum Pazhom Mon Kazhi.mp3
Duration: 00:04:22 [10.68 MB]
Pakalu Muzhuvan.mp3
Duration: 00:02:59 [7.55 MB]
Nalla Marumon.mp3
Duration: 00:03:18 [8.27 MB]
Naalikerathinte Naatil.mp3
Duration: 00:02:57 [7.45 MB]
Kaathu Sookshichoru.mp3
Duration: 00:02:30 [6.42 MB]
Koorayil Ottakk.mp3
Duration: 00:03:52 [9.54 MB]
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Nadan Pattukal mp3 song free download

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Nadan Pattukal mp3 Malayalam

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